It’s all your Fault…… You Called Me Beautiful…

Words from a Pink song… I’m a lyrics junkie. And you did, you called me beautiful. But not now.  You failed to see the true beauty in me. The beauty of the care I had for you, when you cried in front of me, when you struggled in daily life sometimes. I was there for you. Always.

I held you while you cried, I talked and understood your pain. You reached for my hand and stroked my fingers, entwined them with yours… in silence. We didn’t need words, it was there. There in that moment. I cared about you and you understood, just as I understood what you were going through. It was a moment. One of many moments that now hurt too much for me to re-live. To believe you care, when you don’t at all. But it was there, for a fleeting moment, and i think you saw it too.

You don’t call me beautiful anymore..

Love and memories

Miss X

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